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Tactical Walls Shelf

Rob Pincus
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When it comes to protecting what you love, parents will say their children are priority number one. That’s why Rob Pincus has talked about staging a defensive firearm in your child’s room. How exactly does he propose to do this?

Tactical Walls Shelf

He is not talking about sticking a loaded gun in a corner of the room, or about a gun for an older child who would be able to defend themselves in a worst-case scenario. He’s talking about an infant, toddler or small child who cannot defend themselves and who would be the first person Rob would be defending in the event of a home defense incident.

In his daughter’s room is a wall-mounted shelf with various items sitting on it. The shelf is completely innocuous looking, but it actually opens from the bottom and an AR, extra magazine and emergency medical kit are concealed inside it. The Tactical Walls Shelf doesn’t look like it contains a firearm, doesn’t clash with the room’s decor, and looks like nothing more than a shelf to place framed photos or decorations on.

How Does It Work?

A firearm concealed inside the Tactical Walls Shelf can be easily accessed. The model shown in this video has a magnetic lock that must be opened with a magnetic key, which can be hidden somewhere on top of the shelf, somewhere else in the room, or in another room.

One very useful feature of the Tactical Walls Shelf is that it is customizable via plastic trays or foam inserts. You can place in it whatever firearm or other self-defense tools you want to have ready for home defense.

The Tactical Walls Shelf is available in various colors or unpainted and you can paint it to match your room’s decor. It’s a great option for clandestine staging of a home-defense firearm.


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