Rob Pincus

Tiny Guns for Concealed Carry

Rob Pincus
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Tiny guns for concealed carry are very popular. Rob Pincus believes this is for two reasons. The number one reason for their use is concealment issues — in a word, carryability. People think they can’t carry a gun other than a tiny one due to the clothing they wear, the lifestyle they lead, or for comfort because of their body size or type.

Tiny guns are also popular because of the misogynistic idea that women, with their tiny bodies, hands and fingers, can only handle a tiny gun. WRONG … for many reasons.

Rob sets the record straight on the advantages and disadvantages of tiny guns for concealed carry and defensive use in general. He firmly believes the cons outweigh the pros.

When Small Is Too Small

Tiny guns are usually a compromise leaning toward carryability and away from shootability. When a gun is so small that most of the palm is not touching the grip and it’s almost impossible to get two hands on the gun, you’re going to have recoil issues with powerful defensive loads. Practice will be uncomfortable or even painful, leading many to not do it.

The Ideal Size Handgun for Concealed Carry

Before you run out and get a tiny gun that you perceive you really need because you can’t conceal a larger gun, or before you push a tiny gun onto someone because they are a tiny person, think about shootability and how important that is, not just carryability. Think about comfort during handgun training and practice and the ability to use the gun efficiently. Make sure the hand actually fits with all the levers and that trigger pull can be accomplished efficiently, especially under duress.

Consider instead a mid-size gun, a reliable single-stack subcompact that isn’t as tiny as they get, but is tiny enough for your concealed carry needs. It’s also infinitely more shootable and a better all-around choice if you are preparing to protect yourself and those you care about.

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