Rob Pincus

Training with a Virtual Target System

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

How can you train your defensive firearms skills without going to the range? The iMarksman training system gives you the opportunity to train personal defense tactics inside your own home. It’s an inexpensive, flexible and very efficient system to use and allows you to do some things better than you can against paper targets at the range. With iMarksman, among the things you can practice are reading targets and the scene, deciding when to shoot, trigger manipulation, presentation to the first shot from the holster, and extension to the first shot.

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2 Responses to “Training with a Virtual Target System”

  1. Wayne

    $2400 is not inexpensive in my neighborhood. And as the program may indeed be of great use and give great experience for actual situations that one might incur the statement "inexpensive" is not (in my opinion) a correct term. Inexpensive compared to $10,000 program "yes" but the average person who would be interested in home use for self protection ----this is very "expensive" Sorry, I love what you do for us, and I was expecting inexpensive to be some where in the range of $200.00. So much for high hopes huh/ ;0)    

  2. Machine

    I enjoy seeing your materials and you're a great speaker. The beard is getting a little out of hand though. lol

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