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Ulticlip Holster Clip

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   13  mins

The Ulticlip is a new product designed to enhance the retention of your concealment holster for your defensive firearm. Retention is incredibly important in regard to keeping the holster in the same place as often as possible so that when you need your gun, you know exactly where it is.

Accidentally Drawing the Holster

One of the concerns defensive shooters have with some traditional slide-on clips during handgun training and actual defensive use is that, when you draw the gun, you may end up drawing the holster with it as well. Emergency procedures exist to deal with that, but it’s preferable not to waste time on it. With the Ulticlip attached to your holster, you draw only the gun.

Holster Tests

The versatile Ulticlip can be attached to several different types of holsters. This video shows it installed on a hybrid holster from Stealth Gear, a traditional leather holster from BlackHawk, a CrossBreed appendix inside-the-waistband holster, and a floppy (and not optimal) belt-slide holster that the Ulticlip transforms into a potentially useful holster for off-body carry in a bag, backpack or purse.

Also demonstrated is how much stronger the Ulticlip is compared to traditional clips.

What Makes the Ulticlip Unique?

We take an up-close look at the clip and see that the camming action causes the area with a J-hook to pinch down tight onto whatever it’s carrying. The other unique thing about the Ulticlip is that it can be used reliably without a belt, as it can clip onto pants. If you have an expensive belt that you don’t want to ruin with clip marks, attach the Ulticlip to your pants and put the belt on over it.

Your concealed carry training and practice should include working with the Ulticlip to insure a smooth and efficient drawstroke from your holster.

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3 Responses to “Ulticlip Holster Clip”

  1. eldergunner

    I've used an UltiClip with several of my holsters. I'm impressed with it's strength, but one problem I've had with the UltiClip is it frequently gets hung up on the bottom of my belt some how.

  2. William Marquis

    Why not show how the retainers work with a firearm

  3. John

    Hi Rob! Nice presentation, looks like a useful product. My question is: what about using the Ulticlip to replace a single J-hook for an IWB? I carry my 226 in a Galco NSAII, which uses a single J-hook and I'm wondering if the Ulticlip would change the carry height...the NSAII is NOT adjustable for height, it's designed so the top of the holster is exactly at the level of the top of your trousers.

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