Understanding the Need for High Capacity Magazines

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Duration:   5:42   mins

Math lesson! How much ammunition do you need for personal or home defense? It’s a hot topic today. Rob Pincus has the stats at hand and runs the numbers to illustrate that the logical need for high capacity magazines is a reality and is something we should be prepared for.

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3 Responses to “Understanding the Need for High Capacity Magazines”

  1. Anon E Mous

    I don’t need a high capacity magazine. Besides being too heavy, those 100 round magazines cost much more than buying a 10 pack of 30 round magazines!

    Thirty round magazines are good enough and easier to handle!

  2. Will Rowell

    Excellent video. l don’t need some gun control legislators forcing me to not be protected because of their mistaken beliefs. However, gun control is not logical; it is emotional, so I am not convinced rational thinking will work with them.

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