Firearm Safety: Unload and Clear Firearm

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Duration:   6:34   mins

Rob Pincus is on the range to talk about firearm safety and how to unload and clear your firearm at the end of a practice session or training course. The procedure he follows is to release the magazine and lock the slide open while in the high compressed ready position, not looking at the gun. Then look at the gun to check for rounds, leaving it locked open. Confirm with someone else that the gun is empty. Reholster the gun with the slide locked open and put the gun in its case. Rob also discusses why he does not pull the trigger to confirm the gun is unloaded for his firearm safety.

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5 Responses to “Firearm Safety: Unload and Clear Firearm”

  1. Gene814

    Great video. I don’t like dropping mags on the ground though. What about mags that don’t drop free, like on my Diamondback DB9 or DB380, and that don’t lock open.

  2. Joe

    Great video Rob, just curious what type of barrel you have installed on that Glock. Thanks again, keep up the good work.

    • Martin

      . We will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be bealmd for the acts of criminals and madmen, the organization said. Instead, we will now take our commitment and meaningful contributions to members of Congress of both parties who are interested in having an honest conversation about what works—and what does not. Honest conversation? I have yet to hear anyone blame law abiding gun owners for the acts of criminals or madmen . And to say otherwise shows that the NRA can’t have an honest conversation with themselves, or they are intentionally being dishonest in their rhetoric to distort any dialog with the American public. Typical alcoholic thinking..blame everybody but yourself.

  3. David

    Thank you. A very nice and concise explanation to make sure there are no accidents with an “unloaded gun”.

    • Nitin

      Obama should emolpy some of Bush’s tactics and break the back of the NRA by putting entire purview of gun control under the the cloak of national security interests. It’s already been established thanks to Bush and his neocon friends that any safegaurds to the constitutions are effectively void once any voice of objection falls into that black hole.He won’t be taking anybody’s rights.. He’ll just be taking control of the conversation. The NRA will be a lot more attentive and a lot less fiesty with their 300 million dollar budget if they have to face off with the full power of the United States.Obama can spin his wheels haggling over magazine sizes and other trivial measures or he can put the NRA in a position where they’ll be fighting just to survive as an organization. Look at Reagan and Patco..entirely different situation except for the fact of one fell swoop.

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