Rob Pincus

SFD Responder Ankle Medical Kit

Rob Pincus
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Everyone who takes their personal defense and the protection of their loved ones seriously knows it’s a great idea to have an emergency medical kit close at hand when you’re in a public space or in your workplace, vehicle, or home. In the past that wasn’t always convenient — but the SFD Responder is a game change.

Ankle Carry

Many people use ankle carry for self-defense tools, and in recent years, even for an emergency medical kit. Rob Pincus has never found ankle carry comfortable until now. He has been wearing an SFD Responder Ankle Medical Kit for seven consecutive days and experimenting with different loads and equipment to carry in it. At the moment he has three items loaded into three of the kit’s pouches: a hemostatic agent, another hemostatic agent impregnated into gauze, and a tourniquet. These three items are specifically designed to stop bleeding in an emergency situation.

What makes the SFD Responder tenable for ankle carry?

Rob has tried ankle carry of firearms and emergency medical kits, but never found this carry method comfortable or convenient, or the carry gear durable. This is where the SFD Responder sets itself apart. It’s incredibly comfortable, it’s made from high-quality materials, and the design, by Alessandro Padovani and Frog Pro, is really well thought-out.

The pouches adjust to different sizes. The tourniquet can be staged with the flap hanging out for quick access. The combination of secure hold of the equipment and quick release of the equipment is what will help you in an emergency, especially if you’re the one who’s injured and you’re administering self-aid.

The SFD Responder will fit many different emergency medical kit items. Besides a tourniquet and hemostatic agent as Rob is carrying, a Benchmade Safety Cutter, Sharpie, lights, and bandages are possible choices.

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One Response to “SFD Responder Ankle Medical Kit”

  1. George Hadaway

    This looks like a great Frist Aid kit which could in many situations thanks for letting us know.

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