Rob Pincus

Using a Dropped Gun to Stop an Attacker

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   8  mins

Rob Pincus reviews the most fundamental operation of a firearm in a way that can be shared with those reluctant to get formal and thorough education in the use of a firearm for personal defense. Teachers, medical professionals and others who work in areas where being armed is impossible could find themselves confronted by an armed attacker and also have the opportunity to use a dropped firearm to defend themselves or others. Sharing fundamental information ahead of time could empower them to stop a deadly spree killing.

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22 Responses to “Using a Dropped Gun to Stop an Attacker”

  1. Steven S. Baum

    Sorry but your not mentioning the LIABILITY of shooting innocent people. And having NO idea if that gun is loaded,or how to reload it [ yes, requires knowledge ]. Limp wristing the gun. Being shot by responding officers or citizens. More to cover,but you can see my concerns.

  2. Puba

    Excellent video that I have passed on to someone with little or no gun experience that just happens to be a fourth grade teacher in a major Florida city.Having been a gun lover for 40 plus years I have to say even I learned from the video. The info you provide just might save someones life . Many thanks

  3. Mary Agar

    Very good basic explanation of how to use a firearm that has been dropped, even for the anti-gun people. Just because some people don't condone the use of a firearm it's good to know how to, just in case.

  4. Jim in Houston

    In CHL class, we were taught that if we are dealing with an unfamiliar gun, racking the slide will put it into a firing condition. You will eject one round, but any safety or decocker will be cancelled, once the slide is racked. Therefore, pick up the gun holding it as described, rack the slide, then extend the firearm, touch the trigger, and press the trigger.

  5. Riceinwa

    Good info, I've already passed to those I know who aren't gun folks.

  6. Doug

    Nice video. Will have my daughters watch this until they become more knowledgable.

  7. depserv

    I'm an NRA certified instructor and I've taught several people fundamentals of shooting who had no experience with or knowledge of the subject. One thing I notice is how often they grip a pistol with the thumb of the weak hand right behind the slide, and I usually have to remind them of that several times. I question how many people uninterested in guns will remember the information in this video, but it's good to make them aware of it anyway. I would have added something about the death grip, meaning that someone gripping a weapon at the time of death might still be gripping it very tight after death. And I would have mentioned the importance in not having a gun in your hand when the police arrive.

  8. Rich

    Mr Pincus is very thorough and articulate,but what about an empty chamber scenario?

  9. Steve

    What a great video! As a Police officer and gun advocate, this is exactly the type of "Gun control" I believe in. Everyone has the right and the moral duty, given today's world, to know how to control and safely use a firearm! Respect the awesomeness of what a firearm can and can not do, learn to control them, and possibly save your life or the life of someone you love or care for!

  10. Gil Jimenez

    Note that some CCL shooter insurance policies do NOT cover the use of any gun but the one owned by the insured. Also, some only cover pistols. So, the use of the attacker's gun, and the use of long guns, knives, etc. may not be covered. Insurance coverage may, or may not, influence one's decision to shoot to defend self/others. But if it is, you need to know the limitations of your coverage, if any.

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