Rob Pincus

Using Video To Improve Your Techniques

Rob Pincus
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Video can be an incredibly important tool in helping you diagnose problems in your physical technique, learning to perfect it and finding ways to improve your efficiency in any of your motions when you’re out at the range, when you’re developing any sort of defensive tool use, or even unarmed defensive skills.

Video Capability

The reality is that over the years, video has become cheaper and cheaper to produce and the video equipment has become easier and easier to use. In fact, you may be watching this video on a device that you can make videos on. Whether it’s a camera built into your computer, a camera in your smartphone or tablet device, or a traditional video camera that is a separate unit and you later plug it into something that lets you play it back, virtually everyone has access to video and the ability to figure out how to produce very simple videos they can use to diagnose their physical skill development and progress on the range or in a training environment. You can video your shooting drills or any other range training or practice.

Utilizing Video

That means you have a huge opportunity to utilize this tool in a way that people ten, 15 and 20 years ago couldn’t even imagine. We know that professional coaches in all levels of athletic and physical skill development have used video and photo imagery for many years to diagnose problems and help teach lessons. Now you have the technology and the opportunity to apply these lessons of how we can use video to diagnose problems and fix technique development on your own at the range or with a training partner.

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