Vehicle Drawing and Shooting

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Duration:   8  mins

Rob Pincus discusses some tips for drawing and shooting firearms when you are inside a vehicle.

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3 Responses to “Vehicle Drawing and Shooting”

  1. Mikey

    Being left-handed presents some special challenges when in the driver’s seat.  I’ve had to come up with many of my own drills and canvass other left-handed folk for ideas.  Your treatment of “in vehicle defense” is well-done and very informtive and gave me a couple of ideas that I’ll work on.  I would be please, however, in the long term if you were to address this same scenario from the viewpoint of the left-hander.  As always, my respect and admiration for your teaching skills.

    • Richard

      well my friend, as a Martial Artist, I train both sides actively and can shoot effectively with right and left. and yes at this point right side is better, but if needed my left is effective too. just a thought, train.

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