Rob Pincus

Viridian Light ECR Holster

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

All Viridian light and laser products come with an Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) holster. ECR allows you to take advantage of Viridian’s Instant On technology, conserving the battery of your switched-on device while it is holstered. Viridian also offers level two retention outside the waistband holsters for a variety of firearms with built in ECR. In addition to the holsters that are available from the company themselves, Viridian light ECR is now being integrated into holsters from some of the leading companies in the industry, including Galco, CrossBreed, and DeSantis. Viridian light also offers a kit that you can use to make just about any holster that you would use for a defensive firearm ECR enhanced as well.

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3 Responses to “Viridian Light ECR Holster”

  1. Charley Bailey

    I do agree with Mr. Williams and Mr Loveless. However, I do like the laser option for my wife.

  2. Don Loveless

    Mr. Williams has a good point. The instant-on with a draw is convenient BUT there needs to be a way that it can be turned off for a clandestine draw and then turned on manually when ready. The instant-off when holstered is a good feature but we need more control on the draw.

  3. CR Williams

    So, I'm going to want something to come on that could give away my position even when I'm trying not to give away my position? Even if I chose to turn it off as I'm executing the draw, there looks to be a momentary flash (of the light; less problematic with the laser) before I can reach the switch to turn if off. And if in the stress of the moment I forget to turn the laser off, there it is throwing the dot while I'm maneuvering and perhaps giving away my direction and/or position. On the other hand, even if I forget to turn the light or laser on on the draw or don't reach the switch, I still have sights or alternate aiming methods to fall back on. I'll pass on this option, thanks.

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