Rob Pincus

Viridian Radiance Light Technology: Mounted Weapon Light

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Viridian white lights are uniquely designed to cast light off to the sides of your primary direction, as opposed to evenly in a circle. Light that is cast above or below your plane of sight is largely wasted. The mounted weapon light does not waste and plane of sight. As you are searching an area or watching a potential threat, the mounted weapon light from the Viridian Radiance Light increases the likelihood that you’ll see what you need to see.

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5 Responses to “Viridian Radiance Light Technology: Mounted Weapon Light”

  1. Art

    i have not put a light on my firearm, and have high lumen lights big and small. i think i would rather have my light separate from my gun so as to hold it at arms length out to the side just in case of return fire and giving away my location. i have high lumens that strobe, sos, high low and medium settings, but i think my little 300 lumen finger length light that is on and off is the one i like the best. that is because i can focus it into a beam or wide dispersion, just by pulling the front out or back. it gives me the best of both worlds. i can see a great distance or light up a room depending on what i am doing.

  2. Gordon

    On the video that light does not look like it is bright enough to ID anything. Also I would rather blind the bad guy then shoot him if I have to.

  3. Bruce

    I need one of those!!!!

  4. Matt

    Might be an AWSOME idea bu didn't get to see to much of the light working. Heard the guy talk a lot but want to see the light work. Congrats Russell

  5. Russell

    Comment about lighting was something I had not considered before I have a tactical portable light that goes bright regular and pulse that is portable and I can shine it over or sideways with my weapon my preferred CFCs weapon is a 10 shot single stack 45 by Tarus a PT. 145 pro never owned a Trus was always a S/W guy but this Tarus first out of the box I shot expert all. 20 rounds near dead center truly amazed when the range master asked me about my shooting habits this was 2013 he asked when I last shot I told him 1991 when in Alaska he told I had qualified NRA and Law Enforcement Expert and unless I just wanted to waste ammo stop shooting and go home so I did.

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