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Viridian Rechargeable Battery Modules - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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The new Viridian X5L green laser sight and all Viridian FACT camera-mounted light and laser combos for law enforcement and civilian use come equipped with an interchangeable and rechargeable battery pack.

Charging Methods

The Viridian rechargeable battery pack is rechargeable right on the unit itself by plugging into the unit the battery is holding. Make sure the gun is unloaded while doing this, or have a trigger guard in place. Do not charge it while the gun is loaded and the trigger is exposed.

When you pull the gun out of the holster (and it’s compatible with any Streamlight TLR-1 compatible holster — the Viridian X5L and FACT lights/lasers will fit in those holsters), at that point you can charge the battery pack. Alternately, you can remove the battery pack.

Remove the battery pack via two robust clips — open, unfold it, and slide the battery pack out. If you have a second battery pack that is charged, you can insert that one into the unit while the one you took out charges in Viridian’s battery charger. As part of your self-defense gear, you may want to have two battery packs to ensure one is always charged and ready to go.

A flashing indicator lets you know when the battery needs to be recharged. If you have one of these units for duty use, you will probably want to cycle the batteries out every few days to make sure you’ve always got charged batteries in the Viridian unit. Two battery packs also make sense for long hours of firearms training. The battery pack and the charging station are sold separately.


The new exchangeable and rechargeable battery packs from Viridian Weapon Technologies are another way that Viridian is showing that they are innovators and are at the forefront of all the weapon-mounted light, laser, and camera technology available today.

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