Rob Pincus

Viridian Universal Rail Mount

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Lasers are useful accessories for handgun training as well as defensive shooting situations. PDN looks at the rail-mounted laser options from Viridian Green Laser, featuring instant-on technology. The C5 and X5L series are available for most defensive pistols. The X5L fits mid- to full-size rail-equipped defensive pistols. The C5 fits subcompact pistols.

The X5 is universal, while the C5 has three different attachments that let you mount the laser as close as possible to the trigger guard, so it will fit in holsters. Both the X5L and C5 series come with red or green lasers or light attachments only. The X5L may also be mounted on a long gun.

We demonstrate mounting the X5L to a pistol to show how quick and easy it is. Check out our other videos on self-defense tools and accessories.

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One Response to “Viridian Universal Rail Mount”

  1. Jim

    Would the rail mount fit my Springfield XDS .45 ACP ?

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