Traveling with Firearms on Airplanes

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Rob Pincus reviews the procedures for checking a firearm in with your luggage at the airport and how to go about traveling with firearms. These procedures are not consistent from airport to airport and have changed with time – check the latest regulations online with TSA and your airline before flying. Three key points are that you must follow all steps to be legal, conform to airline regulations, and secure your checked firearm. Rob passes along some valuable tips for making this process easier, based on his years of flying with checked firearms. Feel better about traveling with firearms with these helpful tips.

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23 Responses to “Traveling with Firearms on Airplanes”
  1. Customer Service

    Hi Frank. Using a chamber flag really isn’t necessary to meet the travel requirements but they aren’t a bad thing if you are able to use one in the case. The rule is the firearm must be unloaded and using a flag will definitely help in providing a quick visual reference that you did unload the gun.
    Deryck Personal Defense Network


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