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The FK BRNO PSD Pistol, a highly anticipated multi-caliber pistol, is here. Rob Pincus was involved in the development of this pistol, to enhance its capabilities and bring it to market in a better way for U.S. military and law enforcement armed professionals. Rob is excited to have this pistol here in the U.S. and to discuss its features with PDN viewers.


First and foremost, the FK BRNO PSD Pistol is a much more affordable version of the FK BRNO Field Pistol designed around the incredibly impressive 7.5 FK round, which is designed to emulate the terminal ballistics (the performance at 100 meters) of an AK round but out of a five- to six-inch barreled pistol. And it does it incredibly well.


The FK BRNO PSD Pistol holds 16+1 rounds of 7.5 FK. It’s a polymer-framed gun with a metal magwell designed to take a folding brace, a non-NFA item (another big improvement for the U.S. market). It has an accessory rail, and the slide comes pre-cut for a variety of red dot sights. With its many standard features, it’s a great deal at an MSRP less than one-third the price of the original FK BRNO Field Pistol.


This pistol is intended to be used at extended ranges by professionals, potentially Protective Services Division or Special Operations teams. You will also find videos of people hunting game such as wild boar with it, and it is also sure to be popular with firearm collectors. So although it is not a self-defense weapon per se, we believe it is of interest to our viewers.


The FK BRNO PSD Pistol is a multi-caliber pistol. A proprietary multi-caliber magazine allows the use of four calibers: 7.5 FK, 10mm, 9mm NATO, and .40 S&W, with a barrel conversion and in some cases a magazine swap. For an armed professional, this means you can do your handgun training a majority of the time with commonly available, in-the-inventory 9mm ammo, then put your 7.5 FK round in to acclimate to recoil and performance at extended ranges, and then use that operationally or for hunting.


Rob shoots the FK BRNO PSD multi-caliber pistol to give viewers an idea of how easy it is to shoot considering how powerful it is, and to show how much recoil shooters can expect.

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