In-Vehicle Firearms Storage

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Duration:   9  mins

Rob Pincus shares his firearm storage tips for vehicles. A Personal Defense Network original video.

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2 Responses to “In-Vehicle Firearms Storage”

  1. Timothy MacKay

    Interested in your thoughts on center console storage. The “Hot Rod” from Gold Star Holsters looks interesting. It is also curious that you did not speak to lability when storing in car. IE: if gun is locked (in trunk, glove box, case, etc.) is there less issue/liability? What about trigger locks in same situation? My primary reason for gun in car is all my guns in the house. Will have something if house appears breached when returning home. Thanks – as always, great stuff from you all!

    • Customer Service

      Hi Timothy. The use of a holster in the center console is very similar to using the clip type holster in the door map pocket. It really depends upon ease of access to the console, many consoles sit far enough back that drawing the firearm is almost (if not more cumbersome) than using the pocket behind the passenger seat. The Hot Rod holster you mentioned, the main issue is that if the gun is going in and out of the car with you it would most likely be un-holstered and moved to an on-body holster. As for the security/liability, if a gun is going to be permanently staged in a vehicle it should be secured so that it isn’t something that will be easily stolen if the car is broken into. The trunk is generally the most secure but a permanently mounted strong box / safe under the seat is another option. The “legal liability” really differs based on the state but the moral liability is to ensure that we make every effort to secure our firearm from unauthorized access which includes keeping it out of the hands of a criminal. Finally, a trigger lock isn’t going to prevent a gun from being stolen out of your car and can be defeated once stolen, there are much better options available.
      Deryck-Personal Defense Network

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