Laser Cartridge Trainer for Sighting Your Firearm

Duration: 2:24

If you’ve been traveling, your gun has been banged up, and you don’t have the opportunity to go out and live fire, the LaserLyte Laser Cartridge Trainer lets you check your zero — check your point of aim vs. your projected point of impact. Rob Pincus demonstrates how it works. This product is good for hunting applications as well as defensive firearms.

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2 Responses to “Laser Cartridge Trainer for Sighting Your Firearm”

  1. Wayne

    good video but you don’t tell us were to buy this laser trainer cartridge? Or I don’t see it. 

    • cdavis211
      cdavis211 look under ‘LTS’ or has them too. I have the 9mm cartridge and target. A caveat or two, 1) you have to reset the fire control if you have a striker pistol with a short rack of the slide after each pull of the trigger. A full rack will engage the slide stop. 2) If you use a DA/SA hammer style like a Beretta you can work it DA all day long but have to thumb or slide cock for the SA practice. 3) of course, no recoil so this is primarily for the what Rob shows in this video and for drawing and firing, point-shooting, etc to see where you initial hit lands. 4) you do have to make sure the cartridge is level in the barrel; if the o ring rides out of its groove you’ll be off by a few degrees.
      I dry practice a lot and this really helps me see how accurate I am being with that first hit so it’s definitely worth the $ since most square ranges do not allow firing from holsters or concealment.