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Mantis BlackbeardX Overview

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   11  mins

The Mantis BlackbeardX is a drop-in bolt carrier group replacement for any firearm in the style of an AR-15. It allows the shooter to do some unique things in a dry-fire environment. Rob Pincus demonstrates the system.


In a previous PDN video, Rob covered the MantisX Shooting Performance System for handguns. Now Mantis has a system for ARs. How does it work? They have put a Bluetooth transmitter and a computer as well as a battery inside the replacement magazine, and a laser and an actuator to reset the hammer on an AR-type firearm inside the replacement for the bolt carrier group and charging handle.

Mantis systems are designed to get into the fine details of how you move a gun and how your gun moves while you operate the trigger. This is a boon for competition shooting, without doubt. But is it necessary for defensive shooting? Rob discusses this point—how much deviation control do you need?


Rob installs the two pieces of the Mantis BlackbeardX in literally a few seconds. Turn on the power on the BlackbeardX on the rifle and then open the app on your phone or tablet. The app guides you through setup and everything else you need to know.

Even without the app, having the laser on the AR is an advantage as it tells you where your shots are impacting. Rob cautions against relying on dry fire for practicing follow-up shots due to lack of recoil. However, this is where the app comes in. It lets you track the details of movement as you bring the gun into firing position.


Download this app to receive scenario training, plus you can integrate the camera on your phone with targets that Mantis provides so you can focus on shooting drills that are of a defensive nature.

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