Safety Glasses

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When it comes to shooting, safety glasses are more essential than many people think. Impact resistance, distance from the face, side protection and fit are all issues that should be considered when you are choosing which safety glasses to wear to the range. It is very easy to be complacent about eye wear, but you may want to put some extra effort into how you chose to protect your eyes.

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8 Responses to “Safety Glasses”
    • Gunnr

      Greg, the bill on a cap keeps hot brass from dropping behind you lenses and catching a bad burn on your eyelid. It does happen and it can hurt alot.It also helps keep the sun out of your eyes when trying to focus on the front sight. Peace, Gunnr

  1. CD Stouffer

    for some reason your videos are not showing up on my mac. The rest of the page is ok, but the video section is completely white with nothing to suggest there is a video there but for the space.

    Any thoughts?


  2. john

    once again all we hear about are glasses (safety/sun) that are solely useful for those who do not wear prescription glasses.

    my prescription glasses are shatter resistant, etc. but i prefer something additional for shooting. unfortunately, putting safety glasses over my prescription glasses is less than ideal. it certainly does not protect me from what is described in the video.

    so, does anyone have an answer for those of us who aren’t 20/20 or wearing contacts?

  3. Gordon D. Wollesen

    The only time I didn’t wear safety glasses was in the military. I don’t know why the military didn’t have them. In fact, I didn’t know why the military didn’t have very much safety gear (Korean War)>
    I have worn safety glasses since starting to hunt and rec shoot (about 50+ years)! My safety glasses are the top rated safety glasses sold by a major Safety Equipment Company. I used these glasses while working for a railroad. Won’t shoot without them!

  4. Bill Richards

    Whats out there in safety glasses when you need to where daily glasses to correct vision


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