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Part 1: Shotgun Myths

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Pump-action shotguns are incredibly powerful tools for personal defense, but Rob Pincus discusses a few of the myths about these weapons that you shouldn’t believe. The first is the idea that if you encounter a threat in the home, simply racking the gun to create the infamous spine-tingling sound is enough to scare off the intruder. This may be true in some situations, but don’t rely on the sound. Learn how to use the gun. Another of these myths that Rob will disprove involves the misunderstanding that pump-action shotguns are essentially point-and-shoot, that you can aim your weapon in an attacker’s direction and you’re bound to hit him. Not true! Certain ammunition available for shotguns disperses pellets into a small area. To disprove both myths, you’ll need to learn to properly use your shotgun.

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