The Arm Bar Escape

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Duration:   10:21   mins

Rob Pincus demonstrates the arm bar and how it can be effectively used in self-defense situations.

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5 Responses to “The Arm Bar Escape”

  1. Art

    well nothing is perfect. if someone initiates the attack or as they say assault, then the battery proceeds. who’s, well i hope it is my attacker. strength plays a big role also. someone a lot stronger then you can resist some of these moves. i did not understand it at the time but a bigger friend taking judo at the time wanted to grapple. i have always been strong for my size and was pumping iron at the time. while he was on the ground he tried a similar move, but i was able to use my bicep to curl out of it. once fully extended it would be a lot harder. in fights, i am old now and hope they are seldom, i try to keep people away. i have always had fast reflexes and for me it worked the best. life is not perfect, i am older and need all the help i can get. i would not care about what laws are as long as he attack me first. i know people are saying strike first, but that can get you into a lot of hot water. that said it does not mean you have to take a strike first. try and stay out of his way, once it is on, never give up, never let up, make sure when you get him down he does not get up. survival means you not him. no rules just winners and losers. you want to be the winner. great video i need all the ammo i can get. they are called bad guys for a reason. opportunists have no morals. you have one objective and it is not to make sure you do not hurt him. NEVER GIVE UP!! GREAT VIDEO’S I AM LEARNING A LOT. who said you can not teach an old dog new tricks.

  2. random bjj guy

    Watch mma. Or wrestling.. or judo… or bjj.. this technique is disney land stuff if the other guy knows anything or even if he is sober… this would work great if its two of you vs one of him.. ie cops the tv show.. you will not see this used sucsessfully even at low level bjj.. pumelling= good.. pie in the sky standing arm bar… you better practice more than i do. And hit him a whole lot before you try it.

    • Dsafasd

      Mike,I appreciate you chnikceg in and sharing your views. With few exceptions, I don’t censor anyone’s thoughts or posts here.While I understand that anything you ever say or write may be used against you at some point, there is a big difference between despising violent criminals and advocating the unlawful use of force. When testifying in any court proceeding, you better be able to do what Massad Ayoob calls CYA: Can You Articulate? In other words, can you explain the objective facts surrounding your use of force so that a person would believe your use of force was reasonable in those circumstances.For the record, I do not respect a variety of people including corrupt politicians, thieves, liars, and anyone who would take advantage of someone weaker than themselves. I look upon these folks with a great deal of disdain. That doesn’t mean that I advocate violence toward any of them.Keep in mind that my premise is all innocent lives are priceless, and those people who would do violence toward the innocent are the ones who have devalued their own life. This is a philosophical position. State laws vary on how/when you may use force to defend yourself or a third party from such violence. Keep your use of force within those confines. That is the practical reality. Richard

  3. GlockGuy023

    Very useful stuff. Im a big fan of I.C.E., PDN, and SWAT Magazine TV.
    Im curious, would you use the Arm Bar as leverage to throw someone away from you?
    i.e.: if you have a hold of the left arm, turning 90 degrees left while dragging, then pushing away, the attacker you’re holding on to? Or is it better to use a different technique for that?

  4. Cameron

    I think this is the longest hug I have ever seen. But all in all very good information.

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