Using a Vehicle for Bullet Protection

Duration: 4:13

Rob Pincus provides a lesson on using a vehicle for protection from bullets, especially the exterior of the vehicle. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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One Response to “Using a Vehicle for Bullet Protection”

  1. Adolfo

    he had a gun because I don’t think zmriemman would have got out of the car. It’s interesting (at this time) that the dispatcher should ask Zimmerman to report if Trayvon did any thing else. Its not 30 seconds later that some report the dispatcher ordered (actually suggested) Zimmerman to not follow. The detective said he didn’t believe zmriemman when he said he was frightened and then followed trayvon. I’m beginning to think (and this is just supposition) that Tracy martin had the transcript of Zimmerman’s testimony and invented DeeDEE’s testimony from this timeline.