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Vaultek 20 Series Smart Handgun Safe

Rob Pincus
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The Vaultek 20 Series is a compact and rugged quick-access smart handgun safe. Rob Pincus has traveled with a 20 Series safe but believes it really shines as a home safe. He shows us why.


The Vaultek 20 Series quick-access safe has three entry methods: biometric scanner, numeric keypad, and backup keys. It’s made of heavy 16-gauge steel and has two anti-pry latches. It has an interior LED light that comes on when the safe is opened to help the user access their firearm.

Rob has mounted a trigger guard on the handgun in the safe, and then tied it to the safe. When he opens the safe, it’s impossible for him to hit the trigger, but once he pulls the handgun out of the safe, the trigger guard pops off and Rob is ready to go—no fussing with a holster.

The 20 Series is packed with so much technology that initially Rob was skeptical about it—are there failure points?—but having used it for several months and knowing other Vaultek owners, he can state that the reliability is absolutely there.


This smart handgun safe is Bluetooth-enabled and comes with a multifunction app that the user can access on their smartphone. The app displays the safe’s battery life and condition (open or locked). The user can adjust the brightness of the interior LED light as well as the duration of the light. The history of who has opened the safe via fingerprint can be viewed (if multiple people have permission to open it), and the user can set it so both fingerprint and keypad are required to open it.


A means of keeping your handgun secure is an essential piece of defensive gear. Rob thinks the Vaultek 20 Series smart handgun safe is ideal as a home safe, especially if you have a complex situation at home, with multiple people and different levels of permission to access the contents of the safe.

If you’re interested in a lighter-weight safe for travel, check out Rob’s review of the Vaultek LifePod 20.

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