Warrior Expert Theory: Learn to Use the Power of Recognition

Duration: 3:49

Warrior Expert Theory holds that the more frequently and realistically you train, the more likely you will be able to use the power of recognition to respond more efficiently during a dynamic critical incident. Frequent and repeated exposure over time is how you become an expert, and experts use the power of recognition, meaning they don’t have to think about something, they just know how to respond. Rob Pincus discusses this concept during a presentation at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits.

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One Response to “Warrior Expert Theory: Learn to Use the Power of Recognition”

  1. Steven S. Baum
    Steven S. Baum

    I am very sorry if I disturb anyone.
    BUT please tell me how Mr. Pincus has the ‘cred’s’ to instruct in “warrior” anything ?
    I have never heard any of his past exploits,or combat experiences.
    I am not doubting his credibility ,but would like to know how it is he “knows”.