Rob Pincus

3-Minute Home Defense Tactics

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus reviews the Fundamentals of Home Defense: Evade, Arm, Barricade, Communicate and Respond (as necessary) in just a few minutes. Starting your process of planning “home defense” doesn’t require days of classwork or a lifetime of study… simply understanding these five fundamentals can get you on the right track!

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7 Responses to “3-Minute Home Defense Tactics”

  1. Gene Hanneke

    Seen this several times. It contains great info that can not be stressed enough. I was glad to see it again, and again and again..... Thanks!!

  2. Scruf McGruff

    Skip Evade, Barricade, and Communicate. If someone turns up inside my house in the middle of the night uninvited I'm communicating with my shotgun.

  3. Mr Cautious

    I disagree about leaving your house. I live in a forest, I would have no idea how many are out there, or where they are.. I am going to defend where I know I am safe! I am increasing security all the time. I am adding motion detector lights in strategic places. Main exit door with an off switch. Don't want to go out lit up.

  4. BGD

    Outstanding (short) video Rob...concise, well thought out, and to the point. Anyone who seriously contemplates home defense will/should quickly discover how many complexities there are. The folks that want to stand and deliver (versus a barricade option) may not be weighing things to their benefit (hmmm....they took my TV but I'm not spending 75K+ defending myself in court....that's a good deal).

  5. Mark Duren

    I tend to agree with Rob so long as your confident in tactics and firearms. Many people are not. When someone invades your home you do not have to retreat, you have the right to confront with force if necessary. However, it might be a good idea to announce yourself, advise that your armed, and give them an opportunity to leave. No really wants to be in a firefight.

  6. rob

    I don't think much about barricading yourself into the bed room and letting the bad guy take all your stuff while you are hiding in your closet. I think you should arm yourself and then go to the home invader and defend your home and property by putting them out of action.

  7. David2u

    Due to our Vice President's errant advice on home defense tactics to hundreds of millions of people via numerous news outlets, I'd add a #6 tactic.. to never fire a warning shot! If you have to pull the trigger on your weapon, then shoot to stop the threat. Warning shots are only used by the military in limited circumstances, not by police, security guards or homeowners.

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