Rob Pincus

AR-15 Pistol Use

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   7  mins

AR-15 pistols have recently seen a resurgence in popularity and for several good reasons. The ability to have a compact firearm with the performance and ergonomics of the AR-15 rifle is very attractive for those looking for potent vehicle or home defense options. AR pistols carry specific reliability, performance, legal and training issues. In this video, Rob Pincus discusses the reasons that you might want to consider an AR-15 pistol and the most important things you need to know about their ownership and use.

BATFE regulations can change. Verify current regulations with your local law enforcement agencies.

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6 Responses to “AR-15 Pistol Use”

  1. Don Russell

    these things make no sense at all, nor does the sbr, unless you add a suppressor. 16" of barrel and 7" of suppressor does not up to a handy longarm. But cut the barrel to 11" and all that changes! You can get 60 gr bullets to 2600 fps in an 11" barrel. That will still give you hydrostatic shock effects at 100m of range.

  2. Marcus

    Great video, Rob. Way to key-in on the key points.

  3. Rob Pincus

    UPDATE: As of today, it appears that the BATFE Firearms Technology Branch has ruled that it DOES NOT create an illegal situation to shoulder fire an AR Pistol. This is great news... expect an updated video soon. -Rob

  4. Sean Malahy

    Calling a suppressor a "novelty" is as damaging, if not more so, to our community than worrying over shouldering an AR pistol to make a head shot. If you don't see the intrinsic benefits of using a suppressor for home defence, perhaps I would recommend giving it a little more thought. Not only does a can completely hide any muzzle flash in low light, and add some weight to the end of the barrel to control muzzle rise, but more importantly, it allows you to fire a weapon in-doors without risk of damage to your hearing, which can allow you to hear your aggressors coming after having fired the first shot(s). It also protects the hearing of your loved ones in the home when firing at an intruder. The negative stigma of suppressors needs to end in this country. Too many bad movies and TV shows portraying misinformation. Also, ballistics vary depending on barrel length and caliber used. I personally use an 8.5" suppressed AT SBR for home defence, and I get nearly maximum velocity from that combination with subsonic ammunition because I'm shooting .300AAC instead of .223. .300AAC only needs 10" of barrel for full powder burn, vs .223 requiring 18-20". Just something to consider. As an employee of a company who makes SBRs, suppressors, etc for the AR platform, and who deals with the ATF on a regular basis for design approvals and NFA transfers, I have yet to run into anyone at the ATF who seems to care in the least, how someone holds an AR pistol. State laws may be a bit different if you're in a restrictive blue state.

  5. Philip DeCamillo

    Very good ,clear, and concise on the laws that constitute the pistol, and rifle differences. Enjoyed very much,on how to train properly, and the legalities of this style pistol. Thank You!!!

  6. jdmoore

    Reasons why the ownership of a JR carbine 9mm and 30 plus round magazines equipped with a Burris AR-332 scope makes this a logical choice and the versatility to change caliber option hardware for less than $300.00.

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