Arming Teachers

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Arming teachers comes up in the media in the wake of every tragedy that happens at a school. Whether a grammar school, high school or university, the conversation turns to what we can do to stop the next spree killer. Even better, what can we do to stop the idea occurring to the next would-be spree killer of coming in and finding unprotected targets on a school campus?

Teachers With Guns vs. Arming Teachers

Rob Pincus emphasizes that there’s a big difference between these two concepts. Arming teachers isn’t a solution. The idea that an outside authority will come in and make school security the responsibility of the educator doesn’t make sense, in Rob’s opinion. Teachers have a hard enough job trying to educate the children in our school systems.

What does make sense is promoting the right to carry. Every individual has the right to self-defense and, over the past 30 years in the United States, we’ve seen incredible growth in the right to carry a defensive firearm. Many states have gone from having no permit capacity at all to having the “shall issue” right to carry, meaning people do not have to justify why they want to carry a firearm for personal defense.

Constitutional Carry

In over a dozen states, it is now legal to carry a firearm without any kind of permit process. This is “Constitutional carry” and is the ultimate expression of the right to carry. This issue is at the heart of teachers with guns. We should have a national right to carry. If someone is legally able to carry a gun when not at work, they should not be prohibited from carrying while at work, and this includes school teachers and staff.

Teachers who already carry firearms for self-defense and for defending others during an active-shooter incident should not be denied the opportunity to do so.

Training Standards

These dedicated teachers would seek out the extra handgun training they need to raise their competency level to be as effective as possible in an active-shooter incident at their schools, not only to protect themselves but also to protect the children.

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