Rob Pincus

Backup Gun Consistency

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Common sense dictates that your backup gun should be as consistent as possible with your primary gun. Both guns should have the same type of trigger, the same type of magazine release located in the same place, no extra buttons or levers, and interchangeable magazines. If you can’t carry two full-size handguns at the same time, what are some options to maintain consistency?

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3 Responses to “Backup Gun Consistency”

  1. Steve Moore

    Great plan, I need a second 9mm Glock, thank for the referral to Crossbreed holsters Rob, informative website and great holsters! I have a little Beretta like the one in the video, not sure about pocket carry. I loaned my daughter my LCP, I might have to get used to the beretta or get something else. There are a lot to choose from! Great videos!

  2. Gene Hanneke

    Good video recommending to keep your carry guns similar. Don't want to have to fiddle with a safety on one and no safety on the other.

  3. Kipper FisH

    TY great training and idea!

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