Rob Pincus

Basic Firearms Training for a New Shooter

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   9  mins

Firearms Training 101:

One of Rob Pincus’ missions is to show how easily and quickly people with no experience can get started with the fundamental skills of defensive shooting. In under ten minutes, Rob teaches a new shooter basic firearms training using some simple commands: “Extend the gun – touch the trigger – slowly and smoothly press the trigger.” Soon the student is getting high-center-chest hits. The acquisition of simple defensive shooting skills should be just that – simple – and then followed by training in more advanced concepts.

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9 Responses to “Basic Firearms Training for a New Shooter”

  1. Ella

    What a relief! lol I just bought my first handgun and have not yet been out to practice with it yet. I watch the videos here and think it will take me forever to gain the skills I need but this video shows otherwise. Great video thanks!

  2. John

    Why are all the videos I am watching cutting out the sound halfway during the video?

  3. TJ McNamara

    Excellent video! Great for new shooters and a good refresher for those of us who shoot regularly.

  4. James Bonanno

    Thanks for the insight. Will use these concepts when teaching new students.

  5. Sean

    Absolutely great refresher on the minimum's needed for defensive shooting.

  6. Francis Minchella, Sr.

    Rob Pincus: another "GREAT COMMUNICATOR"

  7. Alaskan Bob

    Great Job, too the point and straight forward. Thank PDN! Next payday I join.

  8. Chris

    This is straight to the point, concise instruction. Keep it up PDN!

  9. Mike

    Excellent video and VERY enlghtening!!

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