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Firearm Comparison: Comparing a New Gun to an Old Gun

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Before you choose a new type of firearm for personal defense, you should compare it to one you already know well. When it comes to defensive firearms, fit and efficient operation are two of the most important attributes. In all of your training endeavors, consistency is a very valuable principle. For these reasons, before you rely on a type of gun that is new to you, you can compare the size, fit and method of operation to a firearm you already know well. If you have a type of firearm that has served you well in training and practice, changing to a dramatically different firearm is probably a poor idea, unless you anticipate gaining a significant advantage by changing. In this video, PDN reviews the most important areas for firearm comparison.

Tags: Counter Ambush Drill, defensive shooting, lateral movement, Practice with a Handgun, Range Tips, Reload Drill, Rob Pincus