Rob Pincus

Curved or Flat Trigger?

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Which is better on your defensive handgun, a curved trigger or a flat trigger? In the past, the question of trigger types was relegated to the competition arena, where it meant aftermarket triggers, and the rifle world. It wasn’t much of an issue for concealed carry holders.

But now we’re seeing reliable aftermarket triggers that do not have any negative safety issues, and some factory handguns are being shipped with flat triggers. So the question has become relevant — which of the trigger types is better for you? And which do you prefer, curved or flat?


Rob Pincus believes that the shape of the trigger has absolutely no bearing on your ability to defend yourself or to develop your defensive shooting skills, including trigger control. You’re going to choose what feels right to you. Rob also advises you not to chase after one certain trigger design. If everything about the gun fits you, don’t get sidetracked by thinking that the gun has the “wrong” trigger and you must have the other type.

Realistically, you’re not going to notice the type of trigger when you’re doing dynamic defensive shooting training such as tactical shooting drills.


Having said that, there are two trigger types, curved and flat, and you will see many people advocating for a flat trigger in terms of consistency of pull. Rob reminds us that the flat trigger has an angled look, but it is flat and breaks at the vertical. It breaks as a straight flat trigger. Breaking flat means consistency to a lot of people.


There is such a thing as a bladed trigger, like the one on the Avidity Arms PD10. It has a slight curve to it, making it comfortable but with the benefits of a flat-faced trigger.

Meanwhile, the full curved trigger is a much more traditional handgun trigger.


Whether you want a flat trigger, curved trigger, or something in between, keep in mind that Rob has observed thousands of shooters shoot thousands of guns over many years, and he believes there is no inherent benefit to either one. Go with what you like.

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