Gun Knowledge and Demystifying the Gun

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Duration: 17:04

In this extended clip from the Spree Attacker Response DVD, Rob Pincus goes in depth discussing the reality of firearms and how they can be used to hurt people, with the aim of demystifying them. PDN members and regular viewers may understand this already, but you probably know someone, or several people, who are unfamiliar with gun knowledge and/or afraid of guns and would benefit from hearing Rob’s clear, common-sense explanations. Also, Rob focuses on encouraging others to gain gun knowledge.

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9 Responses to “Gun Knowledge and Demystifying the Gun”

  1. Joseph

    Demystifying the gun and rifle, for gun owners who do not shoot a lot, and those who are just plain afraid of them, is worthwhile.

    I had a instructor who needed to teach a subject that he knew nothing about. He went to the library to get kids books on the subject, and then borrowed some college level books- that I had -when he felt comfortable enough with what he learned from the children’s books. So using the stapler as an example is great. Relate it to something everybody knows about and go more into it from there.
    I believe we need hand combat skills as well as gun skills to deal with a bad guy. I think it is great that you presented things people can do if they are near enough to the weapon.

  2. Michae Wieczynski

    About the statements made about the number of rounds being fired and the need to reload. I would tend to give credence to limiting the number of rounds in a mag. I feel you need to reference the fact that a criminal is not going to adhere to such laws thus leaving the good guy at a disadvantage. Thank You

  3. Gene Long

    Although I keep spare springs for my Glocks, including magizine spring, I have kept Glock mags fully loaded for 5 to 10 years, I’ve never needed to replace a spring. Maybe I’m just lucky, but the Glock factory springs have held up well.

  4. JR

    Thanks for the quick response to my question. In my humble opinion and with all due respect, I think you may be over simplifying it. To continue with the stapler/gun analog, you said if you stop the stapler from functioning the person cannot staple, well what if he had another stapler, or what if he intended to use another thing than a stapler all along? We could certainly agree that simply stopping “the stapler” is not nessarily going to stop the threat. If you have the chance to get close enough to touch that bad guy it should be to turn his lights off with whatever means available. Thanks again for all you great videos and information.

  5. Art

    great comments done very well, and as some have said maybe a little should be added to the video. my toughs maybe redo it , it is almost perfect and send a copy to all the schools for the teachers and kids to see. this is that import and instead of eddie eagle it would be superpower eddie. this could be useful showing to a lot of people. LETS THINK ABOUT THAT I THINK IT COULD HELP A LOT,


  6. Jim S

    “when the gun runs out of ammo, there is nothing you can do with that gun”
    that is incorrect. you can still pistol-whip the shit out of a nigg with it

  7. Mark Parsos

    Excellent…This is the kind of video information not only our uneducated Politicians, Parents and even young people should see. We all know banning guns will not stop the bad guys from having them, but being prepared to face the situation should it occur will have more impact on stopping the bad guy sooner rather than after more people are shot and killed….Please send a copy of this to those Politicians who think banning guns will stop the terrorists…

  8. John

    Rob Just saw this video and have a HUGE problem with it. Are those LIVE shells your using in the demonstration? Is so WHY WHY WHY. It seems to me to be a bad situation and perhaps dummy round would have served the same purpose with out the danger factor. Like cleaning a gun, make sure there is NO,NONE NOT ANY live ammo in the room. Let’s be safe out there.
    If I am mistaken and those were dummy rounds I’m sorry and perhaps you should have stated that for the viewers

    • Customer Service

      Hello John,

      Thank you for your feedback, this video was about demystifying the gun not going through safety rules and procedures when cleaning or clearing a gun. We have multiple layers of safety that are followed on set when utilizing live rounds and live fire which were followed during this filming.

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