Rob Pincus

Efficiently Integrating with a Firearm

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   9  mins

Using a firearm efficiently in home defense situations requires an understanding of how your hands work and the best technique for integrating your hands with a firearm.

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One Response to “Efficiently Integrating with a Firearm”

  1. middleagedmama

    Very interesting!  I immediately ran to our gunsafe and tested all our handguns to see which brands gave the most natural line from forearm thru hand.  The Sigs seemed to fit best overall but I'll get all scientific and get my husband to take a picture of me holding each one while aiming at a specific spot (safe direction only!), measure differences in angle, and compare those pics with results at the range.  The most natural angle should give me the best results on target as that would increase stability.  I think.  

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