Rob Pincus

Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Carry

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus presents the Gideon Tanto Point fixed blade knife from BlackHawk. This is a rugged, durable knife with a solid, heavy blade and thin, comfortable contoured handle. Rob talks about the variety of applications for this knife, including law enforcement, personal defense, hunting and other outdoor uses. The sheath has a retention lock so the knife can’t be grabbed by bad guys. The sheath also allows the knife to be carried in different positions and at different angles. The Gideon handle includes a skull-crusher pommel.

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6 Responses to “Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Carry”

  1. Tick

    The point, Rob, is simple. The Second is a right to bear arms. It doesn't say anytnihg about bearing them openly or concealed. The style used to be to carry them openly. Not so any longer.The Second, like any other right, as the Supreme Court has stated, is subject to time place and manner regulations. So all you open carriers just need to get with the times. You can't roll back the clock a hundred years or more. That's what the Islamic fundamentalists are trying to do, roll back the clock. It doesn't work, and it won't work in the United States absent a massive (and unlikely) re-education campaign to train all citizens in the handling and use of firearms. As long as you have the right to bear arms in some fashion, you are good to go and the intent of the Second Amendment has been satisfied. I'm not giving up any rights by hiding my gun under my shirt, but I am keeping the peace. I see no issue with that.

  2. Gordon

    A karambit is a good choice for a defensive blade. Looks like a big knife for an edc knife.

  3. Gordon

    A karambit is a good choice for a defensive blade.

  4. Davee

    I use an US Army M1 bayonet in it's scabbard.

  5. Rhythmanddancing

  6. Guest

     $120 or so on

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