Glock 19 Gen4

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Duration: 2:58

Kyle Hopp from Glock shows Rob Pincus the differences between the Gen3 and Gen4 pistols.

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5 Responses to “Glock 19 Gen4”

  1. Denis Neal
    Denis Neal

    I have a Gen 4. I did have to put a new recoil spring in it provided by Glock at no cost to me. It stopped the jambing I was having with it. It s the only hand gun I can hit anything with I love it

  2. Mike

    I own a Gen 4. I am a lefty. Absolutely love this gun.
    Cannot believe how easy it is to field dress it. If I have to leave it in the car, I can take the barrel with me and leave the rest in the glove box.

  3. Irv Stark
    Irv Stark

    I have owned a Glock 22 gen4 for almost a year. I am a relative newcomer to the handguns. I love the Glock 22 gen4… a great gun. A bit large to carry comfortably so I just placed an order for a Glock 27 gen4. I am sure I will be equally pleased with the new purchase.