Rob Pincus

Holsters for Hot Weather

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   9  mins

Rob Pincus demonstrates various holsters to consider for conceal carry in hot weather and the advantages and disadvantages of each. He also discusses the importance of training with the holster you are going to use every day. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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11 Responses to “Holsters for Hot Weather”

  1. kerryd

    Hi Rob, I don't want to be sending out the wrong impression- cuz really you aren't the right gender, but have you given any thought to wearing a swim suit or something comparable so you can completely demonstrate putting on a IWB holster from start to finish? I seem to find regardless of the type or placement of numerous IWB holsters that I have that they just don't fit well. Granted, I could probably stand to loose about 10 do 15 pounds around my stomach. I find using a Sneaky Pete works the best so far but it isn't ultimately the way I want to carry. Thanks

  2. Tony

    Who is the maker of the fanny pack and what model is it?

  3. John

    Small guns are easier to carry concealed and for us skinny guys holsters are hard to find that will work. I have carried an officers model colt 45 for years because it hits what I shoot at. In my mind that is the place to start. Pick a weapon you can shoot well. Then find a way to carry it. I have accumulated a drawer full of holsters of all kinds trying to find one that works. Finally found one that I like but mine may not work for someone else. It's always been a hit and miss proposition with concealed carry for a weapon the size of the colt but finally hit one that works for me. Would be nice if there was a place that would let you try on various holsters to find a good fit for each individual. My experience has been that most places go to great lengths to help you pick a weapon and then say the holsters are over there if you want one. I carried with the 45 stuck inside my pants for a while because I could not find a holster that worked for me. The 45 is shaped so most folks can do that but don't recommend it. Too easy to fall out if you get active. I appreciate the tips... Wish I had seen this before I found the one that fits. Might have saved some time and money especially when you can drop a couple of hundred dollars on one holster. The one I found is made in Paraguay and costs about fifty dollars. Works for a skinny guy with just a t shirt so guess it's my individual solution. It's a tough problem to solve and almost has to be done by each individual as what works for me is uncomfortable for someone else. I do have a drawer full to let friends try out to see if they find one they like


    Would like to see holsters with protection to prevent skin contact and later corrosion or rust on my weapon. Today desert weather 105 so a tee shirt under garment Is out of the question Also I am pretty heavy and IWB would be nice if available.

  5. Will Yochim

    I can't believe you haven't shown the Versacary. It is absolutely perfect for concealed carry. Whether I am carrying my LC9 or even an SR9-C, there is one that will hold your weapon secure, and concealed. I wear a T-shirt (multiple colors are available) under my light cover shirt, which I wear out of my pants, and it is perfect for all day, and you even forget it is there. They even have a single stack mag carrier for extra help.

  6. Tim Cogswell

    I just wear a regular holster with my shirt-tails out; works for me.

  7. Lynn Nicholson

    still looking for a IWB holster that will work for me- I am only 5' tall & the ones I have tried stick up & make it difficult to sit or bend w/o my Glock 26 sticking into me- suggestion's?

  8. Marc

    Great tips Rob, thanks for the informative video. One thing I'm always looking into is a better way to conceal since I live in a warm climate state. Also I would love more tips for us somewhat larger individuals for concealment carry. It's hit and miss with different holsters I've tried and it can get to be a pain in the butt.

  9. art

    i carry a full size 1911 in a stealthGear holster and it works great in hot weather

  10. LD Villalobos

    love the hot weather holster video, but where do I get the fanny pack holster? who is the manufacturer. thanks

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