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Rob Pincus uses the Interactive Multi-Target Training System from Laser Ammo for a home-defense simulation. How can you get the most out of your home-defense tactics training with this system?

The Home-Defense Scenario

Rob is the homeowner investigating a suspicious noise. Two targets have been positioned around the home; target activated, they respond when shot. One is a shoot target and the other a no-shoot, and Rob does not know where they are located.

One benefit of using the Laser Ammo Interactive Multi-Target Training System is that these lighted targets will focus your attention during a simulation and get the adrenaline going. In addition, if you use the Laser Ammo Pro Laser Training Pistol, it sounds an alarm if your finger enters the trigger guard when it shouldn’t.

What Not To Do During a Simulation

When simulating searching your house, make sure your simulation has some compelling reason. Running around your house pretending to be a one-man SWAT team is of no or even negative value. An example of a reason to search your house armed is because you suspect an intruder is between where you are and where your family members are.

Setting Up Simulations

Rob offers several other points to consider for home security and defensive simulations, and concludes with this advice: have somebody else set up the simulation, place the targets (so you don’t know where they are), then give you a briefing. For example, “You’re working in the basement at midnight. Your spouse and children are asleep on the second floor. You hear a noise and go to investigate. On the first floor, you discover the front door has been forced open.”

Make sure this person understands the basic concepts of armed home defense, and make sure that what you practice is what you would actually want to do during a worst-case scenario.