Rob Pincus

Lever Action Rifles

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Take a look at how a lever action rifle can be used for defensive application either inside the home or even in another environment. Rob Pincus discusses how using any type of long gun can be rather inconvenient compared to using a handgun. Learning how to use a lever action rifle is the main objective before applying it to a defensive situation. Rob teaches you everything you need to know about using and manipulating a lever action rifle in this personal defense network video.

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One Response to “Lever Action Rifles”

  1. Gordon

    Thanks for this overview, since the cost of sporting semi autos are so high a lever action carbine and a .410 pump action are my go to guns. I would like to see more in dept video's about these guns as related to self defense. The lever action ,,,some say was the original assault rifle. I know I love my old Rossi.

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