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Nemo Slim Handguard

Rob Pincus
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Nemo Arms has been the Rifle Sponsor of the PDN Training Tour for the past two years. Rob Pincus, other Tour instructors, and students who used a Nemo Arms Battle-Light Rifle during Training Tour classes all became big fans. Rob also demonstrated a Nemo Omen rifle in .300 Win Mag at some classes, resulting in awe and jealousy.


Today Rob is here to remind us that Nemo Arms is not just a rifle company, but also a component company. Nemo makes a lot of the components that go into their firearms, and now Nemo has a new slim line of handguards for the Battle-Light Rifles. The original handguard for the Battle-Light was a large, fill-the-hand type of handguard, which Rob really likes, but some Battle-Light owners wanted a smaller handguard. Here it is.


The new slim handguard is the same high quality as the original and has M-LOK so you can add other accessory rail pieces such as a light, laser, red dot sight, and/or backup iron sights. The slim handguard feels great in the hand and is comfortable for full days of rifle training. If you’ve gotten into shooting ARs any time in the last 15 years, you’re probably used to this type of slim handguard.

One nice feature of the Nemo slim handguard is that it’s integrated for QD mounts. Rob prefers to have a QD mount close to the receiver on the front and the rear. Rob discusses how he has the rifle he’s using in this video set up and why.

If Nemo Arms is new to you, check out Rob’s detailed video about the Nemo Arms Battle-Light Carbine.

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