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Rob Pincus
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Over the last decade, the SIRT pistol from Next Level Training is the product Rob Pincus has been asked about more than any other. SIRT stands for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger and it is a training pistol developed to complement live-fire handgun training. In this video, Rob reviews one of the latest evolutions of the SIRT pistol, the 115C.


The SIRT 115C emulates the size and feel of a Glock 19. (There are numerous other SIRTs that emulate other popular pistols.)

Rob firmly believes that if you want to learn to shoot, you must go to a range and shoot a live-fire gun. You have to learn to manage recoil if you want to prepare for shooting a gun defensively. But for times when you can’t get to the range, what can you do with a SIRT?

You can insert a magazine and drop it out.

The trigger is adjustable so it can emulate what the trigger of your gun feels like when you shoot and when it resets. Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger means you get an indication when you have shot. When you start to press the trigger, you see a red laser. When you have taken the shot, you see a green laser.

These lasers are also useful for instructors, who can give feedback to students using SIRT pistols based on the laser positions that they observe.


One thing Rob doesn’t recommend doing is rapid-fire follow-up shots, because photons don’t have a lot of recoil. The presentation and first shot are where SIRT practice is valuable. Rob demonstrates this by practicing getting the SIRT pistol out of a quick-access safe, driving the gun out and taking a shot.

You can safely practice this at home or in your workplace without worrying about double and triple checking that the live-fire gun is not loaded, or about backstops or who is home or in the office. Rob also demonstrates accessing the SIRT from an IWB holster while in a sitting position.

Check out our video by Mike Hughes of Next Level Training for more on the SIRT Pistol.

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