Rob Pincus

One-Handed Shooting Position

Rob Pincus
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What is Rob Pincus’ best tip for one-handed shooting? He demonstrates it and explains why it works in this one-minute video.


Rob sees a lot of students on the range during handgun training courses have trouble with one-handed shooting. The main thing they have trouble with is consistency in their deviation control. The students see their patterns on the target change dramatically when they switch from a two-handed to a one-handed shooting stance.

Usually the problem is not in the way they are holding the gun or pressing the trigger, but in the way they set their body up. Here is the best tip Rob has for one-handed shooting skill development.


When people drive the gun out, most rotate their body. What happens when you rotate your body is that your hip opens up, and that means you can’t get your shoulder engaged properly with the support of your back muscles.

Rob’s tip? Pull your strong-side hip back. When you drive the gun out, make sure you don’t rotate your lower body, but instead keep your lower body intact. This gives you exactly the same structure you would have if you were in a two-handed shooting stance when you do your one-handed shooting.

This means you will be more consistent and have better recoil control just like when you’re shooting with two hands on the gun. If you rotate, your shoulder opens up and you’ll see a lot more movement and a change in your pattern of deviation.


Rob’s defensive shooting training methodology is based around working with the body’s natural movements. Two other videos we recommend related to shooting stance are Rob’s discussion and demonstration of Shooting Stance and Movement and Proper Defensive Shooting Stance. You will also find other informative videos on shooting stance here on PDN.

Remember, when shooting one-handed, keep your hip back.

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