Rob Pincus

Pistol Handling: The Overhand Method

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Consistency is extremely important when handling your pistol, especially when you use multiple types, and being able to consistently get your weapon into battery can seriously influence your effectiveness during a dynamic critical incident. Because of this, Rob Pincus demonstrates in this video the best way to reset any type of handgun: the overhand method. This involves using one hand to efficiently manipulate the weapon and rack the slide. By using the overhand method for every handgun that you own, you ensure that you won’t encounter any surprises with your weapon during a critical incident.

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5 Responses to “Pistol Handling: The Overhand Method”

  1. Herpderp

    If you are carrying many different type of firearms, that is your problem. Many instructors who have real time behind a gun using it in real life use the slide release and advocate it because it's faster and works. It is not more efficent to come over the top, in fast it's the slowest.

  2. Davidpreston

    This is just a helpful tip to the photograhers of these videos.  Please, when you are using a BLACK background (such as this man's shirt) put enough LIGHT on the subject that the viewer can see everything distinctly.  Some times the videos look like a black cat drinking chocolate milk from a black bowl in a totally dark room.  Thanks for the future consideration.

  3. Old Hurst resident

    I would have emphasized the issue that the slide release is NOT the best way to put the gun into battery. It is NOT good for the weapons longevity to use the slide release to allow it to slam back into place, especially if there is NO round available to chamber. Using the slide release usually is a one-handed event- possibly good in a fight, but hardly a safe practice at the range as it allows the muzzle to flop around NOT under control, as it is when you use the overhand method to 'rack the slide'. Just sayin'.. during my CHL class the instructors expected us to manually /overhand the the slide into battery. They are former LEO's. Perhaps you have a different opinion?

  4. Old Hurst resident

    Bluedog_19- good suggestion, but didn't have to be so snarky about it.

  5. Bluedog_19

    Nice goin', Rob:  Black T-shirt, black backdrop, black guns... hmmm.  Mebbe you should look into a photgraphy/cinematography class in addition to your pistol training.

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