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Position SUL

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More people are using Position SUL as a default ready position, though Rob Pincus sees it as a specialty version of the high compressed ready position. He explains why by demonstrating both positions.

If you’re not familiar with the high compressed ready position for handgun training, practice and defensive use, Rob gives a good, clear demonstration of it while detailing where every part of the body should be as the gun is drawn from the holster.

The main difference with Position SUL is that the gun is pointed down, just in front of your toes, not pointed directly in front of you equal with or slightly below your line of sight as in the high compressed ready.

Position SUL is congruent with appendix carry because as you draw the gun up to the holster, you’re basically in Position SUL. The obvious advantage of Position SUL is that you’re not pointing the muzzle at other people.


Position SUL was originally developed in Brazil by Alan Brosnan and Max Joseph of TFTT and TEES specifically for close-quarters high-threat environments for maximum retention of the gun without being in a threatening posture while around people and potentially for extended periods of time. Examples of when Position SUL is appropriate include moving through congested urban environments or watching many subjects and suspects being searched and processed or released.

Position SUL is an extended ready position that is non-threatening, offers good weapon retention and awareness if anybody tries to get to the gun, and it keeps the gun pointed in a safe direction. It’s pointed in front of your feet but down at the ground, so neither any part of your body nor anyone else’s body is being covered by the gun. It’s an excellent ready position for those employed in executive protection.


But in general, Rob prefers to teach Position SUL as an extension of the high compressed ready position for special circumstances — when in a crowd, with people around him, or when training to work with someone else, such as in two-person armed defense. It’s also an appropriate position for home defense, when searching the home or looking for your kids.