Low Ready Position with a Long Gun

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Duration:   2  mins

Rob Pincus explains the advantages of a muzzle low ready position, especially in an extreme close quarters situation. The low ready position allows for more efficiency and consistency when moving into a shooting position and for dramatically more control if your rifle is ever grabbed by an attacker.

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3 Responses to “Low Ready Position with a Long Gun”

  1. Jim B

    The instructors in my recent intermediate AR class had a different definition of “high ready”. It was defined and demonstrated by them as having the firearm actually in the firing position with the muzzle slightly lowered just enough to enable scanning above the sights. Magazine changes were also conducted in this “high ready” position which, if you are slow or not in good condition, can quickly become fatiguing after an hour or so of training. It’s a good thing the instructors and Rob both demonstrate what they mean rather than relying on the terminology alone. 😜

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