Rob Pincus

Suppressed Muzzle Blasts in Close Quarters

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

The primary advantage of having a sound suppressor on a home-defense firearm is reduced sound signature. A suppressed firearm eliminates the need for hearing protection, though during a critical incident, hearing protection is not a priority. Rob Pincus demonstrates another advantage of having a suppressor on your home-defense firearm: reduced muzzle blast.

Silencer or Suppressor?

Many people erroneously refer to a sound suppressor on a firearm as a silencer. No device attached to the muzzle of a firearm silences the sound of firing. It only reduces or suppresses the sound, hence the correct term is sound suppressor, not silencer.

Live-Fire Test

Can a sound suppressor be considered a self-defense tool? Rob has two good choices for home defense, both Springfield Armory XD pistols: an XD(M) and an XD Mod.2. One is equipped with a sound suppressor and one is not. He fires both to show how much a sound suppressor reduces muzzle blast. Why is this important during a home-defense incident?

If you have to draw and fire your handgun in close quarters, a family member may be near you. A suppressed gun mitigates the potential damage and effect from that muzzle blast, such as concussion, powder burns, eye damage, and hearing damage.

Rob fires both pistols, graphically illustrating the difference between suppressed and unsuppressed fire. Split screen replay also shows the vast difference in muzzle blast.

Keeping it in Perspective

If you’re considering adding a sound suppressor to a home-defense firearm, this video will help convince you of its advantages. But our most important home security tip here is that having a suppressed firearm is not critical. Having a firearm for home defense and knowing how to use it are critical. You can risk a little powder burn and hearing damage in order to protect you and your family from being murdered.

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