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Staging Your Concealed Carry Firearm

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

When we talk about staging a defensive firearm, we’re normally talking about a firearm that’s off your body, a firearm that’s loaded, or unloaded but with a magazine next to it, or in a quick-access safe, or in a bag you carry with you.

Staging a Concealed Carry Firearm

But you stage a concealed carry firearm when there’s an imminent threat — not an actual threat but when you are fairly sure something is wrong and you want better access to your firearm. By staging the firearm, you do not have to move your concealment garment, put your hand on your firearm, and present it.

There may be times when you are not completely blindsided by a threat,but when you have recognized the warning signs of trouble. This is when you can stage your concealed carry firearm and be ready to defend yourself if needed.

What Does the Staged Position Look Like?

When you have recognized an imminent threat, get into a position of advantage — behind concealment or cover if possible, then open up or move aside your concealment garments to expose your firearm. Next put your hand on the gun and defeat any retention devices. At this point you are staged and prepared to draw.

Watch this video for more detailed information on what situations you would stage a concealed carry firearm in, what the difference between this and open carry is, what trigger checking is, an explanation of the different stages of readiness, and more. Check our other videos for more handgun training topics.

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5 Responses to “Staging Your Concealed Carry Firearm”

  1. Andy

    Which model XD was that in this latest video, if you don't mind sharing. Thanks.

  2. Bobby Wayne Simser

    How do you sit with that holstered in front as seen in this video? It has to be uncomfortable sticking into your gut!

  3. mgkoenig

    Great video! Thanks for sharing! I'm curious as to what holster you are using in this video. Care to enlighten me?

  4. David Farber

    Where do we separate staging from brandishing?

  5. Bob

    I slightly disagree. Involved in law enforcement for 34 years, we would display a weapon to get someone to back down. As a civilian, your best weapon is surprise. I would not display or draw unless I am pulling the trigger. Anything short of that suspect who could be either suicidel or an ex con may challenge you even with the gun pulled, then what? I have taught civilians, never display your weapon until you are discharging a round. The last thing the suspect should see is muzzle flash. Sorry hard, but true.

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