Rob Pincus

Stopping Violence Efficiently

Rob Pincus
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Doing anything efficiently means accomplishing your goal with as little time, energy and effort as possible. When it comes to stopping violence, what are the most efficient ways to stop or avoid it?


Avoidance is definitely a strategy for efficiently stopping violence. If you remove yourself from the area where violence is occurring or likely to occur, you’ve ended the violence for yourself.

So first, think about not being where violence is happening. If a protest or rally is occurring and directed at a group you are a part of, staying away from it is a good way to stop violence efficiently, i.e., before it happens to you. If you’re in a bar and signs indicate a fight is about to break out, leaving before the first punch is thrown means you will not be involved in violence.

Carrying a Concealed Firearm

However, sometimes you cannot avoid violent situations, and this is where carrying a concealed firearm comes in — or having a firearm staged in your home and/or workplace. There is no doubt that one of the most efficient ways to stop a violent predator who is intent on killing or seriously injuring you or someone you care about is by employing defensive firearms skills.

This means not only carrying or staging a firearm but also having trained for the application of defensive shooting skills that are appropriate to the scenario.

The Great Equalizer

A firearm isn’t always going to be the best way to stop violence efficiently, but often it is the only way for some people to generate enough force under the circumstances under which they may be killed or seriously injured. Think about how the firearm is the great equalizer. Anyone with skills and access to a firearm can stop a violent human immediately via a rapid string of well-placed shots.

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