Rob Pincus

Stroops for Defensive Fitness

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Stroops offer a way to combine fitness training with defensive training, whether armed or unarmed. Stroops are elastic bands that, when worn, create extra resistance and cause you to work harder and be more precise about the techniques you are performing when doing any exercise. Rob Pincus demonstrates how the Stroops system works and shows how you can develop your shooting ability at a higher level while using Stroops.

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3 Responses to “Stroops for Defensive Fitness”

  1. Marc Lamphear

    I agree with John Moors. It would be most helpful to have all the part numbers/item numbers so that we can purchase them. Thanks.

  2. John Moors

    Rob, will you please list by part number/item number the products that you used for the Stroops for Defensive Fitness video. That way I can purchase them as well. I really like the idea of using stroops. I am a senior and not in the best of shape and this looks like something that would be low impact and start me in the right direction. Thanks Rob.

  3. John M. Buol Jr.

    Using artificial resistance as some pseudo skill-specific movement is a bad idea. You're practicing to overcome resistance that won't normally be there and it likely will have a negative influence on skill development.

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