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Training Versus Practice

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The concepts of training and practice are very different. Of course at the Personal Defense Network, we are talking about training and practice for personal defense.

The Difference

Training is when you are learning something new. Practice is when you are working to maintain the skills you have learned during training or to develop those skills to a higher level.

Training requires outside knowledge. This most often comes in the form of an instructor or coach who teaches you the new knowledge and skills. Many great firearms training resources are available here at PDN, though we do recommend getting instruction from a qualified instructor, such as the ones offering courses during the annual PDN Training Tour.

When you come to the range to practice, you’re taking the things you already know how to do and maintaining them. If you can get a lot of repetitions in, you can possibly get better at what you already know how to do.

Safety First

If you are watching a video here and the skills being demonstrated are ones you have not trained in, take care before integrating them into your practice routine. The best option is to get with a trainer or coach and get instruction on how to do them. At least watch videos and/or read books about these new skills. Do not try to emulate what you see professional instructors doing if you have not trained in the techniques.

Next, practice the skills slowly, in dry fire, perhaps with an inert training firearm or a laser trainer, and build up to live fire with supervision before you add the skills to your practice regimen. Keep your practice sessions as safe as possible!

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